St. Jude Memphis Marathon Relay

8 a.m.
Fourth Street at Beale Street
Saturday December 6, 2014

Time limit
To take full advantage of all race support, relay runners should maintain a 14-minute/mile pace.

Age requirements
11 years old or older as of race day

Race legs

Leg #1 – 5K (3.1 miles) – Start at the marathon start line.

Leg#2 – 10K (6.2 miles) – Two 5Ks in one! The relay exchange station located at Third Street and Gayoso.

Leg #3 – 6.1K (3.8 miles) – The relay exchange station located at Overton Park – Veterans Plaza, just north of the Memphis College of Art.

Leg #4 – 10.55K (6.55 miles) – Think of it as half of a half marathon. The relay exchange station located on Beale Street just east of Fourth Street.

Leg #5- 10.55K (6.55 miles) – The final leg (and also a half of a half marathon). The relay exchange station is located at East Parkway near Monroe Avenue, and you’ll finish in beautiful AutoZone Park.


  • All relay teams consist of five participants.
  • Teams may be male, female or coed. Coed teams must have a minimum of two females.
  • All relay runners are registered as St. Jude Heroes, who fundraise for the kids of St. Jude while earning unique incentives, like the Heroes singlet and access to the post-race Heroes lounge. There is no minimum fundraising amount for relay team participants.
  • After registering, you will receive an email with information about setting up your personal Heroes website.
  • Everyone on the team will share one B-Tag timing belt, which each participant must wear during their portion of the relay.
  • Each team member’s bib will have the same race number.
  • The lead runner will start at the universal marathon location. All other team members should be at their respective relay exchange stations.
  • Relay exchange stations are equipped with water, Powerade and limited medical supplies.
  • Relay exchange stations for legs two, three and four will have a small bag check area. Label your bags using the bag check tag, which can be removed from your bib.
  • Relay bibs will not be personalized.

Relay exchange details
On-course signs will alert runners as they approach a relay exchange station. The incoming runner should make his/her bib visible to station volunteers and their team member. Bib numbers will be announced as the runners approach, so know your bib number.

As you finish your leg of the race, you'll be directed to cross the timing mat. This will provide a split time for each relay team member.

Incoming runners should run across the mat to the transition area, where they can exchange the B-Tag timing belt with the runner of the next leg. Once the runner has given the timing belt to the next runner, he/she must clear the course immediately to make room for other relay participants.

The runner of the next leg should not cross a timing mat until he/she reaches the end of their own portion of the race.

After the race
The final runner will return the timing belt at the Relay Belt Return and then pick up all team medals. Failure to return the belt entails a $30 fee and forfeits finisher medals.

Relay exchange stations for legs two and four are within walking distance of the start and finish lines. Shuttles are provided to relay exchange stations for legs three and five. Your relay bib serves as your shuttle ticket. Race spectators cannot use the shuttles.